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Established in 2003 by Jim McAndrew, McAndrew Motors proudly stands as a living testament of an unwavering dedication to community service, integrity, and an unparalleled commitment to our valued customers. From the very beginning, Mr. McAndrew embarked on a mission rooted in authenticity and a true passion for our vibrant community. At the core of our values lies a simple yet potent mantra: Love God and Love People, propelling us forward and shaping our identity through the lens of dedicated service and genuine connections.

Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary scope of a typical dealership; we strive to be a guiding light of transformation. McAndrew Motors isn't just a place for transactions; it is a sanctuary where meaningful changes take root. Our distinctive sales experience surpasses the traditional, creating an atmosphere where relationships flourish, and lives are positively impacted.

Embark with us on a journey where every interaction goes beyond the transactional, becoming an opportunity for transformation. At McAndrew Motors, we're not just in the business of selling vehicles; we are dedicated to crafting meaningful connections and leaving a lasting impact through our commitment to service. Our mission is to be known by how we serve, leaving an indelible mark of love, integrity, and an unwavering dedication to community.

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